The Latina Blueprint to Succeed & Achieve: 21 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Improve Your Productivity, Performance, and Confidence in 21 Days

Are you ready to finally overcome your fears, triumphantly face down roadblocks, and increase your productivity, performance and confidence?

In this mini-course, get exclusive tips, tricks and techniques from the top Latina career and performance coach, Alexandra Ponton!  

Get Your Personal Roadmap to Success!

  • Want to know how to see and understand when your energy is consistently high – and low! – so you can best prioritize your day? Check #3! 
  • Want Harvard’s top productivity hack? It’s #1! (Obviously).
  • Want to know what you specifically need to do twice a year to increase your performance? Check #4!
  • PLUS!! Get 15 journal prompts I use with my clients to create resilient, bullet-proof growth mindsets!

Tired of getting information from a firehose, then absolutely nothing on how to apply it in the real world?? Been there, done that, and have a closet full of T-shirts to prove it.

Instead, get one, in-depth audio each week, where you get real-world training, with practical application steps for you to take each week!

Week 1: Define Your Personal Success Story

You can unconsciously absorb the expectations of others for your definition of success and believe it’s your own- leaving you feeling resentful, unsatisfied, and burned out. Learn how to step outside the box and define success for yourself.

Week 2: Tackle Decision-Making Fearlessly

Tired of not sleeping at night because you’re tossing and turning over a decision? Or eating your nails to the quick over a pros and cons list? Learn how to make solid, prioritized decisions rooted in your values.

Week 3: Exponentially Increase Your Confidence

Did you know there are ties between your confidence and just about everything you do? Social media leads to comparison, which creates envy and resentment. Negative self-talk creates a negative self-image and erodes your belief in your ability to succeed. Learn how to elevate your thinking and release the insecurities holding you back.

Get this mini-course now for only $97! Because I keep these course groups small for maximum attention and interaction, spots are limited. So hurry, doors will be closing soon!